What time do sign ups start?

Sign ups begin at 10AM.


What time can I get in line?

Zou Crew staff will be monitoring the line starting at 6:45AM. Until then there is no way we can police the line. Come at your own discretion.


Can I sign up a friend?

To keep things fair, you cannot sign up anyone other than yourself.


What do I need to bring with me to sign ups?

All you need to bring to sign ups is your self, your student ID, and your student number. All memberships will be student charged.


Can I save my friend a spot in line?

No. If your friend is not present when we begin handing out numbers, you may not get one for them and they will have to go to the back.


How many spots are there for guaranteed tickets?

There are 500 spots for guaranteed tickets; some of these spots have already been filled from members from last year that had 80% attendance or higher as well as our group leaders.


Will you start line ups early, if there are a lot of people in line?

No, we will start at 10AM as stated in our earlier email. It would not be fair to others if we started earlier.